How to Make a T/Y Back Gym Stringer Vest (Singlet Tank Top)

by ETS SCC December 15, 2012

How to Make a T/Y Back Gym Stringer Vest (Singlet Tank Top)

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 A good Stringer Vest is all about the cut - the scoop, the arm holes, the width of the straps, and thats all down to your personal preference. Get creative and experiment with our template shapes which are based off the very same templates that we use to make our own ETS Stringer Vests



Once you’ve got everything gathered together, you’ll want to give it a quick look-over before cutting anything. First, make sure your scissors are fabric scissors, and can actually handle cutting the T-shirt, or you’ll be out of a pair of scissors and a shirt. Second, make sure the invisible marker is truly fading, or else you’ll have some weird looking edges on the finished product. Once all that’s out of the way, though, you’re good to go.

Step One: Making the Mark

The first thing you’ll want to do is make the marks that will become the openings on the side. To do this, start tracing along the top of the sleeves, and draw an arc no lower than one fourth the distance from the sleeve to the bottom of the shirt. Using a ruler, mark this spot on the other side of the shirt, and carefully draw a symmetrical arc there, as well. Once you’ve gotten that, you’ll have a good third of the work done already.

The next part of marking up the shirt is to determine where the chest swoop will end. Usually, about 6” below the bottom of the shirt’s collar works well for this. Use a ruler to draw a line across the shirt here, and then draw a semi-ellipse starting at that point to the shoulder. Try to make this touch the collar at the end of the arc, to make the cuts cleaner in the next step.

Step Two: Cutting

The next step is pretty straight-forward: Use your fabric scissors to cut along the lines you drew. We recommend doing this on one side first and tracing the line to the other to make sure you don’t get any slippage on your cuts. Do that, and you should be fine – step three is to wear it, so get to that as soon as you’re done cutting!

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